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  1. As an adjective (as in "potential losses", "potential benefits", etc.), potential usually means simply "possible".

  2. possibility; potentiality: an investment that has little growth potential. a latent excellence or ability that may or may not be developed.

  3. 1. possible, future, likely, promising, budding, embryonic, undeveloped, unrealized, probable potential customers 2. hidden, possible, inherent, dormant, latent We .

  4. potential definition: 1. possible when the necessary conditions exist: 2. someone's or something's ability to develop. Learn more.

  5. Sep 14,  · 2. uncountable noun If you say that someone or something has potential, you mean that they have the necessary abilities or qualities to become successful or useful in the future. The boy has great potential. The school strives to help each pupil to achieve their full potential.

  6. Some common synonyms of potential are dormant, latent, and quiescent. While all these words mean "not now showing signs of activity or existence," potential applies to what does not yet have existence or effect but is likely soon to have.

  7. It is potential, not actual, and can only be appropriated by strenuous exertion. But since then it has had time and opportunity to become strong, bold, masculine, potential. By the end of the winter, the might had ceased to be potential and had become actual.

  8. Aug 24,  · Electric potential, the amount of work needed to move a unit charge from a reference point to a specific point against an electric field. Typically, the reference point is Earth, although any point beyond the influence of the electric field charge can be used. Read More on This Topic electromagnetism: Electric fields and forces.

  9. The amount of energy required to transfer a unit of positive charge from one point in an electrical field to another (potential difference). It is typically measured in volts. action potential The electric current generated in an axon of a nerve cell in response to a stimulus. The stimulus must be above a certain threshold value to have an effect.

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